TransWorld Wakeboarding

TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Launch!

TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Launch!

For years now, geeks and nerds have been proclaiming the end of print as we move into a digital age of blogs and iPads. Lucky for lovers of the tangible–TransWorld Media is moving in the opposite direction and usurping Wakeboarding magazine as their own.

The publication, which was already owned by TW’s parent company Bonnier will henceforth be known as TransWorld Wakeboarding. To celebrate the new addition to the family, cruise on down to the Surf Expo this Thursday for the premiere issue launch party.

The Surf Expo takes place at the Orlando Watersports Complex and the TransWorld event goes from 6pm-10pm. We’re sure that the TW guys will show you good times and good editorial work, as they do in all their publications. Just think of the possibilities that they’re bringing to the table. Team Challenge of Wake and expanded how-tos are all likely to be on the horizon, and how pumped would you be for the idea of Wake and Create! Not to mention TransWorld’s uncanny ability to put together rad new teams every skate and snow season to put out their always-legit videos. Head on down to the party and you have our permission to claim the idea as your own.

Wakeboarding is so hot right now that The House is even going to hook you up with a huge deal. Buy a wakeboard, get a free set of headphones or sunglasses! Check out the Wake shop for all the details and the biggest selection of fresh decks!

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