Woodward Tahoe

Woodward at Tahoe Opens

Woodward Tahoe opened it’s doors this weekend.  Various pro athletes including Mike Vallely, Todd Richards, Zac Hale, Hannah Teter, Tanner Hall and Tony Hawk pumped the local crowd up – the ceremony was nothing but grand.

Why is the new Woodward called Woodward Tahoe?  Clearly the 33k sq. ft. Bunker is located in the parking lot of Boreal Mountain.  The Woodward at Copper is named Woodward at Copper for one main reason – it’s located at Copper Mountain.  Anyway…sitting on top of lovely Donner Pass is Boreal Mountain, home of the nation’s oldest ski and snowboard club, Auburn Ski & Snowboard Club.  Sitting in the parking lot of Boreal is Woodward Tahoe. Read More