Union Cobra Dog Snowboard Bindings

Union/Cobra Dog Binding Co-lab

Well Hot Dog! These Cobra Dog bindings are oh, so Good! Built with all the best ingredients: Grade A Beef wiener slathered up with ketchup, mustard, onion, cream cheese relish and laid gently into a bun like a hummingbird suckling the teat of a sugar feeder… Oh wait, these are bindings, not hot dogs.

Bang out tricks like Cobra Dog Bangs out wieners! Built for the park, these bindings are sure to satisfy even the gnarliest of hungers. Built with the same bases as the Union Contact you know they are built to last! The Cobra Dog bindings also features EVA Bushing for the pushin’ and offer up a smooth and constant flex that blends the new 3D direct connect strap system which keeps you secure and comfortable all day long, like a hug from Liam Neeson. If all the hightech features on these bad A$$ bindings don’t get your attention then the design sure will. Keep Calm and Cobra On Dog!

Features of the Union Cobra Dog Snowboard bindings:

  • Built with Contact Base Dupont™ Zytel® ST, Lifetime Warranty.
  • Fusion Highbacks with Shift-on-the Fly Forward Lean!
  • Injected Dual Zone EVA Bushings for a constant flex.
  • Extruded Anodized Aluminum Heelcup.
  • 3D Direct Connect Strap System, Open Toe Strap and  Aluminum Buckles.
  •  Grade 8.8 Hardware.


Travis Rice Union Binding – Together At Last

What do Danny Kass, Gigi Ruf, Joe Sexton, Scott Stevens, TJ Schneider, Dan Brisse and Jess Kimura all have in common? Well, for one they are all bad ass snowboarders. Second, they all ride for one of the best snowboard binding companies in the world, Union. Third, they are all now team members with the Snowboarder of the Year- Travis Rice. One thing is for sure, the new Travis Rice bindings are going to be out of this world. For now you will just have to imagine what the 2013 T.Rice Bindings will look like. To help you out here is a picture of the New 2012/2013 Union Contact Snowboard Bindings.

‎2012-2013 Union Contact Bindings

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