Team Skateboard Gear


The House Team Skateboard Gear

It’s pretty amazing to skate comfortably in late November.  Despite the recent cold spike in Minnesota, The House skate crew was able to get some shots at the Little Canada skatepark recently.  Joe & Justin Scherer, Danny Kern, and Kenny Peterson all made it out for a quick little session.  No skateboards broke and we had a blast.  If you’re looking for some gift ideas for a skater, check out what our team skaters ride…HERE.


Sector Nine + Gullwing Sidewinders = Skateboard Segway

The other day we got some Sector Nine longboards in. A couple of the models came equiped with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. For those who aren’t familiar with these trucks they feature a double hanger design that allows you to maintain your speed by carving. While this setup is not meant for downhill action it is amazing on flat ground. I can’t wait to roll around Lake Calhoun this summer on my new rocket.img_3511

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