Pro Skier Sammy Carlson at Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark

You read it right. Pro skier. At Snowboarder’s Superpark.

The past few year’s Snowboarder Magazine Editor Pat Bridges has extended an olive branch to the once-arch enemy of snowboarders by inviting a select few freeskiers to participate in Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark. It is a strategic move out of respect for progression of snow sports and park building everywhere. Sammy Carlson has had the honor the past couple year’s of attending and the edit the Poor Boyz crew put together from last weeks Superpark 15 does more than justify Sammy’s presence. put up a great interview with Sammy about his time at Superpark. Give it a read by clicking here.

Be sure to check out the Poor Boyz Productions website to find out more about their upcoming freeskiing movie set to drop this fall.

Snowboarder Superpark Day Five: It's a Wrap

What better way to end a week of Superpark other than a classic method from Bjorn Leines. Photo’s courtesy of Snowboarder Magazine (P) Mike Yoshida

The final day of Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark went off without a hitch, despite the absence of The House Boardshop crew (we had to dip out a day early). The Snowboarder Magazine editorial crew put together a great recap here– be sure to check it out and watch the Day 5 video edit from them below.

Snowboarder Magazine Editor Tom T-Bird Montessoro- keeping it classy on day five. (P) Kyle Beckmann

Stay tuned later this week for an edit of The House Boardshop crew’s time at Mt. Bachelor and a full week recap.

Huge thanks to Pat Bridges, Mt. Bachelor, Gatorade and the Snowboarder Magazine crew for having us out to witness Superpark 15 history live and in person.

Superpark Day Two: Getting Down to Business

Mother nature was in full compliance for day two of Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 15 here at Mt. Bachelor, OR. Without giving away too much (besides the fact that it was sunny and sick and that the riding was, well, amazing) here’s a sneak peek.

House Boardshop rider Brennen Swanson (P) Paul Loula

Snowboarder Magazine Photo Editor Ryan (Huggy) Hughes is a local. Wherever he goes. He is not from Mt. Bachelor.

Scotty Vine seems determined to hit every feature in Superpark one-footed

Dustin Craven with a frontside invert on one of the biggest wall rides we’ve ever seen.

Do you know how hard it is to take an action shot with a camera phone? Somehow this one worked out…

The video does it a little more justice though…

(But wait, it get’s better. Read more)

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Coming Soon: Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark

The annually anticipated Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 15 is kicking off on Monday and The House Boardshop crew got a special invite to come and watch all the action go down.

Stay tuned next week as we’ll be reporting from the front lines at Mt. Bachelor, OR as the world’s best riders, including LNP, Jamie Anderson, Bryan Fox, Devun Walsh, Chas Guldemond and our very own Brennen Swanson will be closing down winter in proper form on some of the largest and most innovative setups ever built.

For more info on Superpark and Mt. Bachelor click here.