Whats SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

If you have ever tried Paddle Boarding you know it is a great workout, but a new trend in Stand Up Paddle Boarding is taking your workout to a new level.  SUP Yoga is basically as it sounds,  a yoga  routine performed on a paddle board.  The SUP is your mat and the open water is your studio.

Like Stand Up Paddle Boarding, SUP Yoga has been gaining in popularly over the last few years. I recently had my first encounter with SUP Yoga,  and let me tell you it is real a game changer. At first performing even the most basic of posture on a SUP can be challenge. The instability of the board adds a new level into your yoga practice, It will tone your core, increase your stability and provide you with a fun learning environment out side of the studio. I would highly recommend taking your practice to the open water to see if SUP Yoga is for you.


  • Besides your swimming suit it is a good idea to ware a  rashguard, hat and/or sunglasses (with a strap) to protect your self from harmful UV rays.
  • Get Hydrated- Before departing sure make sure drink plenty water. Carrying anything on a board can be difficult.
  • Bigger is better- Longer and wider Stand Up Paddle Boards are more stable, which is perfect for SUP Yoga.
  • Prepare to get wet and have fun!



Golden Rules Of Stand Up Paddling

When learning how to Paddle your SUP there are a few thing you need to keep in mind.

The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling:

  1. Plant your blade fully in the water before you start to pull.
  2. Always assume the ready position when paddling. Feet shoulder width apart, Knees bent and back strait. 
  3. Use your core muscles to paddle. When paddling correctly you will should be using the muscles in you legs, core and arms. 
  4. Keep you board steady – It helps to keep your muscles in you feet and legs engaged.
  5. Most of all HAVE FUN!




Paddleboarder Get Up-close And Personal With The Largest Mammal On Earth

The video was shot by David Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari.

The other week off of Dana Point, California. A paddle boarder was give the view of a lifetime. He was up close and personal with the largest mammal on earth, the majestic Blue Whale. The average Blue whales can grow over 99 feet long and weigh around 150 to 175 tons. The longest Blue Whale on record was around 110 feet the the heaviest Blue Whale weighed in at approximation 190 tons or 380,00 pounds. You don’t want to know how they weighed it.

If you have a camera and a paddleboard, we would love to see some pics or video from your SUP adventures. Just head over to our Facebook Page and share, we dare you… No, we double dog dare you.


Paddle Boarding The Mississippi River – pt. 2

Minnesota native Alex Linnell will soon be the first person to paddle board down the Mississippi river. Now closing in on New Orleans, he has been crowned…… “The dumbass of the week!” In lieu of this  prestigious award Alex has prepared this speech.

“I would first like to thank my family, then my friends, and of course my supporters for helping me reach my lifelong dream of ultimate dumbassness! And finally I really have to thank the tow drivers for putting in those late nights debating who was really deserving of such a honor! Thank you all!”

Alex has been on the river for over 2 month, trying to raise money for the Red Cross to help people affected by natural disasters.  If you can help please  donate. To Learn more about Alex and his incredible journey visit his website @ www.alexlinnell.com.



Stand Up Paddle Boarding The Mississippi River

Starting on June 1st, Minnesota native Alex Linnell departed Lake Itasca, the headwaters of the great Mississippi River, on a journey to the Gulf of Mexico via Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Alex is trying to raise money for people affected by natural disasters like the recent floods, tornadoes and wildfires. If you would like to donate click here!

To put his epic journey into perspective the average surface speed of the Mississippi water is near 1.2 mph – roughly 1/3 as fast as people walk.  When the water reaches New Orleans the river increases its flow to that of 3 mph on average. This would mean that in optimal conditions Alex could travel at a top speed of around 5 mph.

Now put on your math caps. He is traveling 2,400 miles down river and is paddling for approximately eight hours a day and camping each night.  How long will it take him to reach his Gulf of Mexico destination?

Wow! Middle School math class flashback…

Answer: It will take Alex, with optimal conditions, about 60 days to complete this adventure. If he were to chill and float south at the rivers natural flow of three mph it would take him nearly 100 days. So let’s give Alex some incentive for his paddling… donate if you can!

To keep up to date on Alex’s progress head over to his site and check on his progress.

Multiple World Records

Alex has the possibility of triumphing over a few records as he heads South. If he completes his task he will be the 1st person to Stand Up Paddle Board the entire length of the Mississippi River. As an added bonus, if Alex paddles 2,350 miles down the Mississippi he will surpass the World Record set by Tom Jones (1507 mile) for the longest Stand Up Paddle Board trip set in the summer of 2010 when Jones paddled from Key West, FL to New York City.

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