Kaitlyn Farrington Wins USSA Grand Prix Series Championship Title

Kaitlyn Farrington – USSA Grand Prix Series Champion

Kaitlyn Farrington, a House team rider,  is good at many things, two of which are snowboarding and winning money.  On Saturday March 4th, 2012 at the USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix Kaitlyn did both at the same time.

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Spotted: Tyler Anderson at the 2012 USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix

Tyler Anderson – 2012 USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix

Part fisherman, snowboarder, ladies man, and height amplifier – Tyler Anderson gets around.  Here he is riding at the 2012 USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix on Saturday March, 4th.

If you want to give Tyler a high five, it’s going to be about 20′ out of the pipe. Grab a ladder.

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Glowing Man – L.E.D Night Snowboarding

Matt Chase The Next Kid Out Of The Midwest

2:23 is a Hammer!

Matt Chase may be young but he has skills of a seasoned veteran.  Matt, a local rider from Minnesota  has only been riding for 3 seasons and has achieve much more than the average shredder.  From winning the USASA National Championship’s Cholula Trick of the Day to killing it everyday in every condition.  This 15 year old mad child is unstoppable!  Make sure to keep your eyes out for this little ripper in the future.


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History of Snowboarding Photography

Open Shutter with Andy Wright

Part 1 of 2 gives you a glimpse into the vaults of Andy’s early work. From his first published photo of Jason Brown in 1997 to the end of the film era, Andy recalls a few stories behind his favorite shots before life went digital.

Andy Wright – a living legend in the world of snowboard photography. Andy has been around the world on a 15 year streak shooting with the best snowboarders along the way. If you have thumbed through a snowboard magazine in the past decade and a half and not seen a shot by Andy…chances are, you could be blind. Currently, as a senior photographer for Transworld Snowboarding, his photos keep your eyes wide open and drooling over style. With no signs of burning out, Andy will continue to please your brain for many years to come, bringing only the best of the best.

Part 2- Takes you behind the computer screen. Sit down with Andy and hear his thoughts on digital photography, along with a few stories behind his favorite photos from 2009/2010.

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