VIDEO: Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington Wins the Copper Grand Prix

House team rider Kaitlyn Farrington was on fire all week. After qualifying second behind Olympic gold medalist Kelly Clark in Thursday’s qualifiers at Copper Mountain, CO, Kaitlyn snuck her way past the ever-dominant Clark in Saturday’s finals for her first Grand Prix win.

Snowboarder Magazine wrote of Farrington’s win: “Easily coming out on top for the ladies at Copper was Sun Valley, Idaho’s Kaitlyn Farrington.  Being able to keep her speed enabled Kaitlyn to perform arguably the two best tricks of the day. Farrington followed up her second hit bs 900 corkscrew with a crippler 720. As if this combo wasn’t enough Kaitlyn added a cab seven to the mix to make the win that much more dominant.”

Check out the video Transworld Snowboarding put together of Saturday’s finals, including an interview with Kaitlyn and highlights from her winning run:

How Many Dreams in the Dark?

Follow Chris Brunkhart, former senior photographer for both Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder magazines, as he promotes the release of his collection of 90’s-era snowboarding images and new book “How Many Dreams in the Dark?” Brunkhart prefers to shoot with black and white film, which adds a sense of timelessness to his images. He selected 200 images for this book, out of more than 40,000! You can reserve your copy on Brunkhart’s website:

Shred to Toe Scott Stevens

Ever wondered what allows Scott Stevens to jib stuff you never imagined jibbable, or Bode Merrill to double-cork into powder? Maybe it was what their mom fed them for breakfast as a kid, maybe it is natural talent, or it could just be the gear they are riding. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine and The House Boardshop are catching up with some of the top pros to see what in their arsenal of product for this video series we like to call, “Shred to Toe”.

Snowboarder Mag EXCLUSIVE: Hey Na!

The House has teamed up with SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE to bring our loyal patrons exclusive content each month. Not only will we tease you with a snippet from a fresh feature article, but we’re going to do you one better and pair it up with stuff that didn’t make it into the mag.

This month we bring you photo’s from the cutting room floor of October’s “Hey Na!” feature where Forum Team riders Stevie Bell, Austin Sweetin and Alec Ostreng stopped by a little known resort in Pennsylvania during the filming of this year’s Forum team video, Fuck It.

Hey Na! PA Shredding

By Huggy. All Photos: Huggy

“Aside from having the largest Amish population in the United States, Pennsylvania is best known for the Liberty Bell, Hershey’s chocolate bars, the Rocky movies, and Michael Scott of The Office. The last thing you would think about PA is having dope freestyle snowboarding, yet all this could change after this year.

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Spotted: Team Rider Gabi Viteri on

Picture 7

Head on over to for some highly recommended reading with our favorite hip-hop hippie and House Boardshop Team Rider Gabi Viteri. You’ll find interesting insight about everything from why she wants to be Lady Gaga for a day to why she calls Colorado home-sweet-home.

Click here for Gabi Viteri’s Snowboarder Magazine Guestbook full interview.