2 Shorts of Corey Millett

Here’s a little chunk of knowledge to chew on; 99% of the time Corey Millett spends skating he’s rocking ear buds.  What does he listen to?  I have no idea, but it seems to help.  Throughout the Midwest Melee’s qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals Corey put his nose to the grind stone with his Riots in.  If you were Corey what would you listen to?

Product Sneak Peak: Skullcandy Earbuds (Now Stronger Than Ever)

Skullcandy’s new and improved earbuds give the term “hanging by a thread” a whole new meaning. These bad boys are strong enough to carry the weight of your favorite six pack of brew. The question is… are your ears strong enough?

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Product Sneak Peak: Skullcandy Hesh NBA Headphones

Although Skullcandy has released these in the past (so they aren’t necessarily new in 2012) they are still cool and we’re glad to see they are coming back with them. Fly your freaky fan flag with multiple NBA team/player models including these Lakers Kobe Bryant pair.

Sneak Peak: Skullcandy Retro

The House Boardshop is already gearing up for the 2012 inventory and prepared to tease your appetite with daily exclusive sneak peaks at future product for the next few weeks. Right out of gate here at the Snowsports Industry Association trade show we unveil a little retro piece that Skullcandy will be unleashing before the end of the year.  See if you can spot the sleek home stereo system displayed and modeled after speakers your parents grew up with. Style; redefined and minimized.

2xL Headphones, Another New Product Fresh In At The House

They offer great performance and individual style. Our newest brand to the collection, 2xL, is a Skullcandy division that is bringing a new varied selection of style to all of you who find sound quality and music at the top of your priority lists. They’re designed to be ultra comfortable when you’re boarding around and will keep you looking pretty snazzy while you’re at it. Check it out…