New 2014 Full Tilt Ski Boots

Full Tilts new 2013/2014 Catalog is now out. Which means all last years Full Tilt boots are NOW ON SALE.




A Jet Pack for Skiing?

Came across this little gem today at Troy Hartman from Mammoth Lakes, CA has come up with a whole new way to ski, by strapping a jet pack onto his back.

According to the post on, Hartman has been clocked at upwards of 47 miles an hour… uphill.

Although it we admit it looks pretty fun, we can honestly say we won’t have personal skiing jet packs for sale here at The House, at least not in the near future. To read more about this crazy invention follow the link here.

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Friday Freebie Giveaway

This weeks winner is Dane McCullough from Wisconsin. Dave here’s a pair of Burton Ronin work gloves to go with your new snow gear. Thanks for being a customer.

Friday Feebie Giveaway

This weeks lucky winner is Tristen from Oregon House, California receiving a whole slew of dvd’s. Ten of them in fact, in all sports board such as snow, wake, skate and surf. Keep checking back every Friday to see if your the next lucky winner.

Gear Review: Electric EG2 Goggles


I ended up trying on the Electric EG2 goggles because they happened to be sitting in Paul’s office (The House photographer and fellow blogger) I had been looking for goggles for some time and I eventually came to the conclusion I wanted Electric goggles, but I wasn’t for sure which ones until I put these babies on. Read More