Kilian Martin

Kilian Martin is a an internationally known skateboarder from Spain who has gained the admiration and support of many veteran skateboarders such as Mark Vallely and Stacy Peralta (one of the orginal  Z-Boys). Peralta calls Kilian Martin one the most impressive skater he has seen in decades. With a back ground in gymnastics Killian has create a unique style of skateboarding which is complete his own.  Currently, Killian  has also started an new venture called Kilian Clothing. Designing  retro style t-shirts and shirts.

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“The Killing Season: A Motorbike Trip Through Vietnam,” (Full Video)

If you are from the west and have ever been to Asia, you know exactly how everything seems so backwards from what your used to.  There seems to be this insane feeling of organized chaos.  Scooters and rickshaws and motorbikes and buses and trucks and people hauling carts and scooters and more scooters and more scooters!  It’s mind bending to say the least.

With any trip to a far away land there are up’s and downs that shape the trip.  Memories good and bad as a whole create and ultimately shape the experience.  You learn from your mistakes and your successes, whether it be taking the wrong train, ordering food by just pointing to a random scribble on a menu, eating at an open air market with no concept of what, in, the ,hell , this strange creature you are going to eat might be and worst of all, a glass of water that will send you to the latrine (if there is one) for a few days.

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Hover Bike

Aerofex- Hover Bike

Apparently the hover bike can fly up to 15 feet high and go 30 mph. This may change personal transportation as we know it, but I am still not impressed. Where in the hell are our hover boards?

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Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang

PLAN B Skateboards Presents Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang.  This is some of the freshest skating I have seen in a hot minuet!  Torey A.K.A. T-Puds orders up some Big Mac Bangers and upgrades to the super-sized, double deluxe, everything on it, extra pickles with a gallon of special sauce on the side version!  Besides dropping hammers, Torey also runs Grizzly Grip Tape Company  which He started when he was 12 years old!  Torey also has his new signature shoe with DVS, The Torey 2’s which are skate approved with tons of classic styling and a hint of mint to keep things fresh.

Anyway’s sit back relax and grab a friend, to come help put your eyeballs back into your head after they fall out from watching this 6 minuets and 42 seconds of “OH MY DEAR LORD”.

Quiksilver Tour’s The Silk Road

The Quiksilver Skate Team is on tour in China!

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