Happy Earth Day from your friends at Mervin Manufacturing

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Besides being some the best product made this is why  we LOVE MERVIN.

Brands made at  Mervin:

Mervin Manufacturing is the hands-on factory where our dream boards are made and ideas can go from your mind to paper to reality under your feet in 24 hours. Mervin is the foundation of our company and lives. For us, when we talk about a dream board we are not just thinking about how it rides. Our dreams include the entire manufacturing process, every material used during the process and every hand that touched it along the way.

When Mike and I began (Mervin Manufacturing) years ago it was very apparent that the composites industry is very toxic whether it be; surfboards, airplanes or skis… but there were choices to be made and safer alternatives. Sometimes the more environmental options were cost prohibitive, but surprisingly often they were both safer for us to use and less costly. Although unconventional, this process required more skill, research and craftsmanship resulting in a stronger, higher performance product. Having our own factory and controlling the entire process from start to finish allows us to make these decisions and activate immediate real change.

In the 80’s, our environmental snowboard efforts were often met with ridicule or confusion but today we are excited that people are much more aware of how small, fragile and interdependent we are as citizens of this earth. A few decades back Norm Nelson joined the Mervin team and became our own eco-hero and environmental process consultant. Norm has put together a short video that sheds some light on the everyday environmental materials and process efforts that help make Mervin Made boards dream boards.

For more information on our environmental practices visit:

Rodney Mullen – Ollie Inventor

Rodney Mullen – Skateboard Innovater

It all started with a little thing called a skateboard, and Rodney Mullen did something great with it.  He invented the Ollie. It may not seem like much now, because it’s such a stock trick (perfected with time of course), but at the time it was revolutionary; much like all the other tricks he innovated.  In the jock world it would be similar to the guy how dunked the first basketball, or hit the first home run.  Thanks Rodney.

Danny Kern 2011 Footage

Danny Kern likes sending The House footage.  Here’s a link and some pics DK threw our way.

Local Love – Door Buster Deal – Go Skateboarding Day

A New Deal, Every Weekend, All Summer Long!

In honer of Go Skateboarding Day we are offing a great deal on a Plant Earth Bamboo Skate Deck! In store, this week only (Wednesday- Sunday) you can pick up the PE Bamboo Skate deck  for only $19.95. 

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Carlsbad Gap Torn Down

Carlsbad Gap

When the Carlsbad High School was built in 1957 no one thought the eleven step stair set on the Southern side of the campus would become one of the world’s most challenging and recognizable skate spots. In 2006 the Carlsbad Unified School District approved a decision to demolish the school in order to build a new school.  It wasn’t until 2008 that rumors drifted around within the skateboarding community about the Carlsbad Gap demolition.   Fast forward to Thursday February 23rd, 2012 and a skateboarding landmark has its last day.  How long will it be before a skate plaza duplicates the Carlsbad Gap?  Read More