Signal's Every Third Thursday with Terry Kidwell

Know your roots. Terry Kidwell is a living legend in snowboarding. Paul Schmidt is a legendary skate and snowboard builder and designed Kidwell’s prototype snowboards in the 80’s. Signal brought them both in to create a blast from the past. Epic.

Karaoke Snowboard?

The latest episode of Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday has dropped and the Signal crew have outdone themselves once again, this time with a special Japanese tribute to the age-old art of Karaoke.

Never in a million years would we have thought it was possible to put a Karaoke machine in a snowboard, but that’s just what Signal did. Check it out:

House Exclusive! The Big Idea Contest With Signal Snowboards

The House Boardshop and Signal Snowboards have joined forces to offer our fans and customers an exclusive chance to come up with your own “Every Third Thursday” custom snowboard build idea.

The Signal Snowboards crew have been coming up with insanely awesome ideas for custom built snowboards and making video’s documenting the build. You can see some of the past builds, like the Lego snowboard, the Boombox snowboard, etc on the Signal Snowboards blog or below.

For the first time ever The House and Signal are opening up idea submissions for ETT to the public. Enter by posting your ideas, drawing, schematics, etc over on the Signal Snowboards facebook fan page wall. Enter as many times as you like. One winner will be chosen on February 28th and Signal will use their idea on an upcoming episode of ETT.

The winner will also receive a Signal Snowboard of their choice!

Let’s hear what you got!

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Boombox Snowboard

Signal Snowboards is killing it with their Every Third Thursday project videos. We didn’t think they could top the Lego snowboard but a snowboard that is a boombox just might. Check it out below.

Random: Signal Snowboards Makes a Lego Snowboard

The crew at Signal Snowboards got the creative bug this Holiday season and came up with the idea to make a “Lego” top-sheet snowboard, which we here at The House think is pretty genius. Snowboards really are just toys for big kids anyway.

Unfortunately we won’t have the Lego top-sheet in stock here at The House, but you can check out the rest of our Signal Snowboard’s available here.