Strange Brew | Flower Petals | 2016

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A flower is awe-felt. A true concoction of beauty: patient, individual, and an honest expression of subtlety and reflection of one’s environment. Though the root system, stem, and leaves are vital, and, in that notion, equal in beauty; the pull of the flower derives in the petals. At first, they cocoon the bud, preparing and keeping safe the prized seeds. Then they reveal their personality in bloom. This is what most people like about flowers. And yet, no matter how much pruning and attention you give these precious ones, their time will eventually run; these poor fellas will all drop their petals.
We here at Strange Brew like to think of these photos and our correlated edit as fallen petals. These are all gems to us – yes, they are precious – and yet, they had to go. In a way, our snowboarding is just a game of “She loves me, She loves me not”. Or perhaps we see the transcendent notion of an old dandelion, whose soft white seeds are billowing in the wind, blown in one heap breath from a small child. Maybe, it’s just as simple as a buttercup under your chin, revealing not only whether or not you like butter, but also, more importantly, a smile. Now, with all that pondering properly posed, please take a moment to view our fallen petals. Read More

Rome Snowboards – Beer & Rails Teaser

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Liquid courage. Nerve tonic. Pork chop in a can. Whatever you call it, it’s all the same once it hits your lips: BEER. This adult beverage has been entwined with snowboarding since the dawn of time—cold ones kicked back in the parking-lot, a 12-pack at the spot, or late-night shotguns at a house party.

The Strange Brew boys are no strangers to slugging cold ones. They’ve built their reputation out of Tahoe by thrashing urban environments, traveling by van, and crushing cans all the while. Thousands of miles away across an ocean, Toni Kerkelä has spent his seasons meticulously picking apart street spots and filming hammers on his home turf of Finland. Toni’s built his reputation by putting out multiple video parts every year, full of his crisp style. When you park the Strange Brew van in the U.S. and mash them and Toni together in Finland, you get “Beer & Rails”.

When the wave of fermented grain finally crashed and washed Strange Brew up on the streets of Jyväskylä, Finland, they got a two-week guided session of Toni’s home-town spots. The crew was comprised of Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Ian Daly, Jasper Tripp, and Toni Kerkelä. With equal parts raw snowboard talent, beer-soaked ambition and an eye for unique lines, the newly-forged crew took it hard to the streets in search of late-night sessions and urban creativity.

Beer & Rails hits taps 8.31.15.

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Rome Snowboards – ‘Find Snowboarding’ – KAZAKHSTAN and The Aleutians Islands

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When exploring new terrain never now what you are going to get, but one thing is for sure… Its bound to be and Adventure. This past year Rome Snowboards have been traveling the world looking for snow. In the first adventure the crew ( LNPOzzy Henning and Ian Boll) headed to Kaxakhstan.

In the second Episode of “Find Snowboarding” Rome snowboards sent Cody Booth, Thomas Delfino and Aspen Rain Weaver to the Aleutians Islands. In search of 1st descents and and fresh lines. 

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Next stop Norway! 

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Find Snowboarding Teaser – Rome Snowboards

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rome-logo-120-07The reason was simple.

Rome Snowboards wanted to find snowboarding where you would least expect it.  Following a year in search of shred, the Rome SDS set out this past season to look even deeper into the possibilities of snowboarding.

Ther Rome SDS chased snow to the streets of Kazakhstan where snowboarding is young and on the verge of booming; they sent it to the frontier of North America and the summits of active volcanoes on Alaska’s wild Aleutian Islands; and they hit the road for a month-long road trip to experience Norway’s endless winters.   As one trip would end, the next would begin. New crews would get together to continue the shared passion of pushing into the unknown of snowboarding. Read More

Viktor Simco Full Part – Rome Snowboards

Viktor Simco – Rome Snowboards

Step into the light and see the world of Viktor Simco.  This hometown hero was picked up by Rome Snowboards not too long ago and its easy to see why…