2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural

Ever wonder how they decide who gets to drop first in a competition of this magnitude? Didn’t think so. After watching the above video I can only hope to see more competitions adopts this type of seeding procedures. I mean, who wouldn’t love to participate in some good old fashion lumberjack games.

Bull Ultra Natural Winning Runs

Red Bull Ultra Natural

1st Place – Gigi Rüf

2nd Place – Nicolas Müller

3rd Place – Bryan Fox

Watch Red Bull Ultra Natural in Full on March 31st, 2013 at 1:30pm EST on NBC!

Cranberry Wakeskating – Red Bull Winch Sessions

Red Bull Winch Session – Cranberry Wakeskating

What could be done to up the wakeskating ante?  Riding in a cranberry field of course.

The Art of Flight 3D – Minneapolis

Art of Flight 3D

The Art of Flight 3D Minneapolis

If there is one movie that encompasses the passion, progression, and drive of a true snowboarder’s lifestyle it is The Art of Flight.  If you missed the The Art of Flight Minneapolis Premiere you won’t to miss the one time showing of The Art of Flight 3D on December, 7th in Inver Grove Heights, MN.  The Art of Flight 3D will guide you through an experience like no other – into the deepest, steepest, and most secluded riding location across the world with some of the most talented riders in snowboarding. Read More

Red Bull’s “Rube Goldberg” Athlete Machine

Out of all the all the Rube Goldberg Machine I have seen this is by far one of the most entertaining. Red bull “Klug” (meaning “clever”) combines world-class athletes and seemingly complex machinery to performs a simple task, that just might make you thirsty. Despite that fact this is just another one of Red Bull’s clever (or “klug”) marketing ploys, design to go viral. It  is still worth spending the next few min watching. Enjoy!


Super Sonic Freefall -The Red Bull Stratos Project

Felix Baumgartener is pretty much a crazy Austrian with a death wish and a butt load of money behind him. Now I know that breaking the sound barrier with your own body sounds cool… and free falling back to Earth from 120,000 ft or 23 miles, sounds even more bad ass… But, what is it all for? I mean there is a pretty good chance the guy could freaking die! Live on the web!? That is where my brain kicks in and just says “Dude don’t over think it, it’s freaking rad, just got with it.” So since I occasionally listen to what my brain has to say, I’m going to tune in on October 8th to http://redbullstratos.com/ and watch this crazy person make history live and hope that he survives this insane freefall back into Earth. -“As no one has successfully jumped from this height before, it’s uncertain what the highest supersonic freefall in history will look or feel like”- RedBull Stratos.