Zany Jam – Rail Jam

Zany Jam at Wild Mountain

Local legends Ryan Paul and Jake OE are teaming up with Zion Snowboards to host the Zany Jam at Wild Mountain on Saturday, November 17th!  The Zany Jam rail jam will be a blast for every ability!  Registration is $10 for every division except for the Open Snowboard division which is $15.  Show up, bring your friends and have a blast at the Zany Jam! Read More

Wild Mountain Rail Jam

Seek Joy Productions gave out $1,000 to the top rider at Wild Mountain’s annual rail jam on Saturday, October 1st.  You’d think that everyone would be too focused on the cash to be giving high fives and cheering each other on, but there is something different about the Midwest mentality and everyone was stoked.

Notable junior riders in the jam were Benny Milam, Garrett McKenzie, and Brandon Kirkland.  All three of those groms are going to be the next kids out of the Midwest, guaranteed.  Jon Lord, Matt Angel, Hunter Murphy, DC’s Justin Fronius, Zion’s Ryan Paul, Mitch Kirby, and Mason Crawford all murdered the creative set up.  After a double overtime final the judges picked Tony Young to take home the well deserved grand prize.

Despite riders getting broken off left and right everyone kept putting their best foot forward.  Seek Joy Productions and Wild Mountain put on a great show; if you didn’t make it, you missed out.  Hopefully we will see you next year!