Rodney Mullen – Ollie Inventor

Rodney Mullen – Skateboard Innovater

It all started with a little thing called a skateboard, and Rodney Mullen did something great with it.  He invented the Ollie. It may not seem like much now, because it’s such a stock trick (perfected with time of course), but at the time it was revolutionary; much like all the other tricks he innovated.  In the jock world it would be similar to the guy how dunked the first basketball, or hit the first home run.  Thanks Rodney.

What Not to Do at the Dew Tour

Number one on the list of things “Not to Do at the Dew Tour” should be learning how to ollie in front of a live TV audience.

Glad the poor girl is o.k. We’ve all been there… just not sure how many people have had BMX legend T.J. Lavin teach them how to ollie a skateboard? (Still trying to figure out the reasoning behind that one.)

P.S. Am I the last person in the world to find out that T.J. Lavin raps?