Love Is In the Air


Dearest New Trick

Mammoth Mountain is for Lovers

Mammoth Mountain is for Lovers

Dearest New Trick,

Ever since I first laid eyes on you in this season’s newest video, I knew that you and I were destined for one another. Countless nights I spent pining for you, dreaming my way through the fall until those first flakes of white gold began to sail downward upon our local slopes.

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Greg Bretz and Elena Hight, Probably the cutest story ever

I had to laugh when I read this little snippet on Grind TV. I had to share it with you guys. It’s probably the cutest darn little story I’ve ever read… awwwww


Direct from Grind TV:

Elena Hight and Greg Bretz have a lot in common. Hight, 20, and Bretz, 19, are the two youngest members of the Olympic halfpipe team, and they were the final two riders to qualify in their respective fields for the trip to Vancouver. Not surprisingly, they’re both considered huge underdogs as well.

Apparently, there’s even more to this bond. Yes, the two youngest riders on the Olympic Halfpipe team are officially a couple. And on the surface they certainly seem to be lifting each other’s game. They both performed well during the high-stress season of qualifying. If they can handle that they should be fine taking on the world.