Kaitlyn Farrington – Dew Tour

Kaitlyn Farrington Wins Dew Tour Superpipe

The House team rider Kaitlyn Farrington won the 2012 Dew Tour Superpipe event at Breckinridge!  After stomping her second run (Back 9, Front 9, Back 5, Alley Oop Back 5, Method, Front 7) the judges gave her a winning run score of 90.00 ahead of the best riders in the world.  Stay tuned for USSA Grand Prix Halfpipe news that’s happening this soon…

Dew Tour Womens Superpipe Results

1st – Kaitlyn Farrington – 90.00

2nd – Queralt Castellet – 80.00

3rd – Maddy Schaffrick – 71.75

4th – Torah Bright – 66.00

5th – Kelly Clark – 44.75

6th – Elena Hight – 39.50



Kaitlyn Farrington Wins USSA Grand Prix Series Championship Title

Kaitlyn Farrington – USSA Grand Prix Series Champion

Kaitlyn Farrington, a House team rider,  is good at many things, two of which are snowboarding and winning money.  On Saturday March 4th, 2012 at the USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix Kaitlyn did both at the same time.

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Spotted: Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington "Uncapped"

House Boardshop team rider Kaitlyn Farrington may be currently laid up after getting her wisdom teeth pulled this week, but before she “went under the knife” she was hard at work with Vitamin Water filming for their new “Uncapped” campaign.

Check out the video of Kaitlyn at the shoot here or by clicking the photo above and why you’re at it scope Vitamin Water’s new campaign that’s centered around cutting edge action sports athletes and culture. It comes to no surprise to us that Vitamin Water is using Kaitlyn as one of the faces of their new campaign!

Spotted: Team Rider Kaitly Farrington with Chipmunk Cheeks

House Boardshop team rider Kaitlyn Farrington had her wisdom teeth yanked out today and we just want to wish her a speedy recovery, although those chipmunk cheeks are pretty darn cute.

On the upside Kaitlyn, you can drink as many milkshakes and smoothies as your heart desires!

Spotted: Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington Update

House Boardshop Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington sent over a couple photos and a video from her private collection of her superpipe podium during this year’s Winter X Games. As you’ll remember, Kaitlyn nabbed a silver medal with an impressive backside 900 and an inverted alley-oop on her winning run. Since then Kaitlyn’s been jet-setting around the world competing and shooting photos, and just recently made it back to her home town of Salt Lake City where she’s enjoying some much deserved down-time before finishing up the season.

Big ups to Kaitlyn for representing The House Boardshop at this year’s Winter X Games 15!