I Ride Park City 2015 | Episode 10

[vimeo 125445027 w=730]

The last of Pat Fenelon’s I Ride Park City episodes has finally arrive.  After banging out mashers all season this 10th episode highlights Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Alex Sherman, Harrison Gordon, and Ozzy Henning.

I Ride Park City 2

I Ride Park City Episode 2

Blake Geis, Dyland Thompson, Blake Paul, Chris Beresford and Scott Steves know how to have a great time and usually they do it at Park City.  Check out the I Ride Park City 2 edit and see how they do it.

I Ride Park City Sneak Peek 1 – IRPC – Bode Merrill

Besides Pamela Anderson, what’s the greatest teaser of all time?  The I Ride Park City IRPC Sneak Peak 1 is.  Bode and the boys really know how to express the fun factor of riding.  The IRPC full film drops November 1st.  Watch and repeat.