Park Montage – Hunter Murphy – Brady Lem – Easton Gilman

Here’s some old footage of House team riders Hunter Murphy, and Easton Gilman.  It also features Brady Lem.  These three guys will be surfing around Boreal all season.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Q & A With House Team Rider Gabi Viteri

Muckin' Monday's 1.3 featuring House Team Rider Matt Chase

Looks like the Hyland kids are doing something right.


Snow Porn- Gabi Viteri

The world of snowboarding just got a whole lot cooler. House team rider Gabi Viteri show us how its done in Burton’s first female Snow Porn Video. Now don’t get mad, because this girl rides harder then you.

Spotted: Team Rider Gabi Viteri in the Latest Peep Show Episode

House Boardshop Team Rider Gabi Viteri has been filming with the all girl production Peep Show for this falls release of “Winter Wars”. To hype up the project the Peep Show crew has been releasing a series of webisodes with clips from their travels. The latest one features some of Gabi’s riding and a whole lot of girly giggles.

Also, check out the trailer for the new movie after the “read more” jump or head over to to find out more.

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