Forest Bailey Full Part – Givin’s “Too”

Forest Bailey Givin “Too”

Forest Bailey.  Wow.  Those were the first things that came to my mind after watching Givin Vids “Too”; Forest Bailey’s name and the word wow.  When anyone in snowboarding hears the name Forest Bailey they automatically associate it with riding rails, not backcountry.

Gnu Snowboards gave Forest Bailey not one, but two pro models, and for good reason; Forest kills it.  You can see Forest riding in ways no one has ever imagined on a Gnu Forest Bailey Trip Pickle.  If you ever feel plateaued in your riding, watch this part over and over and you’ll begin to start thinking out side the box.


Jamie Anderson Video

Jamie Anderson has stood on the podium of every major contest in the world.  Besides Capita’s Jess Kimura, and Gnu teammate Kaityln Farrington, Jamie might have the most aggressive style in women’s snowboarding.

Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington Talks About Life


Did you hear that Maxim Magazine placed Kaitlyn Farrington on the Hottest Snow Bunnies list?  Yeah, it’s true.  Not only that, Kaitlyn has won the US Open, Euro X Games, and the overall Dew Tour tour.  She’s a down to earth girl who loves snowboarding enough to make it here career; and frankly Kaitlyn does a damn good job at it.  Take a peek into what’s going on in her world.
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