Boarders Without Borders- Snowboarding In Iran

When you think of “Iran” a few words come to mind, oil, deserts, terrorist, lack of women’s rights and maybe even nuclear weapons. One thing that almost never comes to mind is world class snowboarding. With around 20 resorts Iran has a lot to offer the discerning skier or snowboarder. Despite the myths Iran is pretty safe for tourism, it’s affordable, street crime is low, the food is good and you can even drink the water (take that South America).

Two of Iran’s biggest resorts are Shemshak and Dizin both located in the Alborz Mountains range just outside of Tehran. Where House Team Rider Gabi Viteri and Olympian Hanna Teter will be headed to film “Boarders Without Border”.

“Boarders Without Boarders”  is a documentary that will follow three snowboarders on an Iranian adventure, where they will share their passions for snowboarding with the locals.

Hannah Teter & Gabi Viteri Talk Iran | “Boarders Without Borders” is a feature-length documentary following three professional snowboarders on a journey to the little known yet world-class mountains of Iran..

To learn more about “Boarders Without Boarders” visit

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Snow Porn- Gabi Viteri

The world of snowboarding just got a whole lot cooler. House team rider Gabi Viteri show us how its done in Burton’s first female Snow Porn Video. Now don’t get mad, because this girl rides harder then you.

Spotted: Team Rider Gabi Viteri in the Latest Peep Show Episode

House Boardshop Team Rider Gabi Viteri has been filming with the all girl production Peep Show for this falls release of “Winter Wars”. To hype up the project the Peep Show crew has been releasing a series of webisodes with clips from their travels. The latest one features some of Gabi’s riding and a whole lot of girly giggles.

Also, check out the trailer for the new movie after the “read more” jump or head over to to find out more.

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GALLERY: Behind the Scenes at The Am Throwdown

Last week’s Am Throwdown with Snowboard Mag was a huge success, and The House was lucky enough to be a part of all of the action.

The teams of finalists, who were chosen by public voting, had five days of sunshine and good snow to explore Copper and shoot a 1:30 second video. Edits had to be cut and turned in by midnight Friday night so the crews made the most of the days and nights trying to “Get the Shot”.

As Snowboard Magazine Editor Jon Glass put it, “We wanted the guys to get creative, explore the mountain and not feel confined to just one area of the mountain. The contest had a loose format. We pretty much let the guys run free for the week.”

Check out some behind the scenes shots of all of the teams hard at work: Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Snowboard Magazine has a great recap of the event here. Stay tuned as the final edits should be dropping next week as well as the announcement of the winning team and video who will walk away with 5G’s.

Read more to see the video’s that the finalists entered that earned them a trip to Copper Mountain for the week…

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Spotted: Team Rider Gabi Viteri, Coachella > Northstar

House Boardshop team rider Gabi Viteri was last seen chillen at the Snowboard Mag Am Throwdown in Copper with The House crew getting ready to ship out for a hectic end-of-season trip. In the last week she’s gone from the Colorado Rockies to the Palm Springs desert and is currently shooting with Burton at Northstar-at-Tahoe. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Check out some of the pics posted by Gabi and the Burton crew over the course of the week:

First stop: Coachella annual music festival in Palm Springs.

Danny Davis and Gabi Viteri kicking it Coachella style- Photo Amanda Worman courtesy of Burton Snowboards

Peace- Photo Amanda Worman Courtesy of Burton Snowboards

To see more shots of Gabi and the Burton Crew at Coachella click here

Coachella ended Sunday and by Monday Gabi was on-snow in Northstar shooting with Jeff Curtes for Burton.

Gabi’s Snowboard Luggage looking a little out of place in Palm Springs- Photo via Gabi’s Twitter

Gabi, far left, recovering from Coachella and ready to shoot. Photo: Burton Team Manager Susie Floros via Twitter