2011 TransWorld Good Wood Awards





The TransWorld SNOWboarding 2011 gear guide is out and the Good Wood results are in. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, pay attention, because there’s a good chance that the Good Wood stamp may be the deciding factor in which board you’re going to buy. The Good Wood awards are handed out by TransWorld every year. Eighteen riders were brought in to test 450 snowboards and decide which ones are the cream of the crop. The results are divided up in categories that are All Mountain and Park, Over $400 and Under $399 and Men’s and Women’s. If you’re looking to buy a board, picking one with the Good Wood stamp of approval on it is a good idea. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are your 2011 Good Wood winners! To see the 2012 Good Wood winner click here. Read More

Have you ever wondered how to become a snowboard rep?

I have heard several of my friends mention that they have thought about becoming a snowboard rep. They look forward to having the freedom in a job that would allow them to do things like travel all over their designated area, riding the latest gear, not having set hours to work everyday and being in a laid back relaxed atmosphere working with laid back and relaxed people. We all dream of living the sweet life working in the snowboard industry, but how do you get in? I caught Andrew Pettis, one of the Midwest Forum reps, while he was here for some business and asked him if he had a second to describe what he does and answer a few questions for any of you who have ever thought about trying to get into a job like this. Basically we found out it’s a small community in this industry, so you have to get out there and make the right connections.

F' it

There are about a thousand trailers flying around the internet this time of year for snowboard videos that will be coming out in the Fall. But one that has stood out and got everybody all jazzed up in the office here at The House is Forum’s new video F’ it. Set to the classic sounds of Kenny Loggins: Playing With the Boys, this trailer will blow your mind with some epic snowmobiling, monster boosts and total bangers. Check out the article from Snowboard Magazine for some classy quotes straight from the movie.

F’ It Teaser from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

Forum Adds Andreas Wiig

Andreas Wiig is Forum!

Andreas Wiig is For'um!

The last few years have been somewhat tumultuous over at Forum Snowboards HQ. A few years back, most of the original team members were given the axe, or made the cut themselves. A lot of those guys are the reason that the DC team is now so good, and Stepchild also reaped the benefits of adding a certain Mr. Walker to their crew. Despite having a very young and mostly unproven team, Forum Forever was nuts. Snowboarder Magazine and the TransWorld Rider’s Poll both gave it top honors.

Now that the up-n-comers have proven themselves, Forum has gone ahead and added one of snowboarding’s biggest rockstars in Andreas Wiig. Wiig’s been around for awhile, and has never put out a sub-par video part. He’s one of the few guys out there who literally stands above the competition, and can keep up with the urban kids on the streets or the legends in the woods. Wiig has a stack of X Games medals, and proves that you don’t need to be a tiny little dancer to be a good snowboarder. ‘Man’dreas is so huge that one time he gave me a snowboard, and the toes and heels of his bindings had dented the topsheet of the stick. Like Bigfoot leaving his tracks. Oh, and he dates Norwegian models and pop stars.

All this history and developments has anticipation reaching a fever pitch for Forum’s upcoming release, “F’ It,” due out in the fall, along with high hopes for a pro model.

Gear Review: Forum Journal


The Forum Jounal is probably the most comfortable binding I have ever strapped my feet into. I was a little hesitant about Forum bindings because my last pair I owned I hated. But Forum redid their bindings since I bought my last pair and they continue to kill it with a plethora of new technology that proved to hold my foot nice and snug and utterly comfy…. Read More