Snowboarder Mag EXCLUSIVE: Hey Na!

The House has teamed up with SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE to bring our loyal patrons exclusive content each month. Not only will we tease you with a snippet from a fresh feature article, but we’re going to do you one better and pair it up with stuff that didn’t make it into the mag.

This month we bring you photo’s from the cutting room floor of October’s “Hey Na!” feature where Forum Team riders Stevie Bell, Austin Sweetin and Alec Ostreng stopped by a little known resort in Pennsylvania during the filming of this year’s Forum team video, Fuck It.

Hey Na! PA Shredding

By Huggy. All Photos: Huggy

“Aside from having the largest Amish population in the United States, Pennsylvania is best known for the Liberty Bell, Hershey’s chocolate bars, the Rocky movies, and Michael Scott of The Office. The last thing you would think about PA is having dope freestyle snowboarding, yet all this could change after this year.

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Gear'd Up: Forum Tweaker Technology

Using special effects to explain boot technology= brilliant.

Now if only their boots really did shoot fireballs at our enemies. People would think twice about snaking you in the park.

Check out our stock of the 2011 Forum Tramp Snowboard Boots here.

2011 Product Is Here

It’s very exciting…


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Gear'd Up: Forum's Chillydog Rocker Technology

The Chillydog continuous rocker technology rocks (pun intended). Don’t just take our word for it. Get it from the horse’s mouth, the horse being Forum rider and living legend Peter Line, of course.


Click on the below pictures to check out some of the boards we carry that have the new Chillydog continuous rocker technology

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Gear'd Up: Forum's Combo Platter Technology Explained

You know it’s a new era when Snowboard companies combine graphic art and one of their top-pro’s to explain their products technology. That being done, we’re sold.

To see the shred sticks at The House that have Combo Platter technology click on the photos of the boards below.

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