ESPY Awards – Best Action Sport Athletes

Another awards show I’ll never watch wrapped up last night, the ESPN ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards.  What has ESPN and large corporations done for snowboarding?  Two things…

  1. Provided contests, that 99.9% of snowboarders will never be invited to because they lack in natural talent department or have a willingness to not sell their soles for “stardom”, with huge cash purses.
  2. Brainwashed the average American consumer into thinking that all snowboarders drive Mini Coopers, drink Mountain Dew, and use Axe Body Spray.
Super-Boy-A-Lister-Lime-Light-Rockstar Shaun White just won his sixth ESPY Award for Best Male Action Sports Athlete.  I guess he beat out T.Rice, Kelly Slater, and some guy named Ryan Villopoto for the ESPY.
I will give credit to ESPN for one thing; awarding Jamie Anderson with an ESPY.  Jamie slays it, and parties hard.  If you ever run into her ask her about the Trofeo Topolino Jr. World Games in Italy.
And no, I don’t drive a Mini, drink Mountain Dew, or use Axe.

Something every snowboarder should understand

Melissa Larsen at ESPN wrote an amazing article that explains the Live Scoring System, which is the new scoring system that Swatch TTR events are going to be using.The article is very well written. She explains the new scoring system clear as crystal, describes the differences from the old one and shows us how FIS just doesn’t get it. I honestly don’t think I could explain it better myself, so instead I’ll just direct you to someone that said it right. If you’re a snowboarder that enjoys watching snowboard contests I suggest you read Settling the Score at ESPN, it’s just good stuff to know, or you can go directly to the TTR website for more info too. Enjoy!


You just gotta love the X Games

I love it when the X Games roll around. It’s the time of year when we get to watch all the top athletes in every discipline put down the best they have to offer. Last night the first medals of Summer X 16 were handed out and the performances of each of the athletes was next level.

In Moto X Super X the top three were:

  1. Josh Grant
  2. Justin Brayton
  3. Josh Hansen

Moto X Freestyle was:

  1. Travis Pastrana
  2. Levi Sherwood
  3. Nate Adams

And Skateboard Big Air:

  1. Jake Brown
  2. Bob Burnquist
  3. Rob Lorifice

And that’s just the start. It’s going to be a heavy weekend of mind blowing stunts, killer stomps and all of the above. You can check out the full schedule at X Games 16 ESPN3 and for all the finer details on what actually happened in the competitions last night the X Games main page will have all that info for you. Ah, it’s all just so exciting! I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to play out.

Dyrdek Exposed

Rob Dyrdek has been getting almost as much media coverage as LeBron James lately. It seems that every time we look through the day’s seemingly endless supply of “industry related” press releases that Mr. Dyrdek is involved in at least a few of them. He recently inked a deal with ESPN to televise his Street League contest series, which instantly makes this latest venture legit, because everyone will get to see it go down. Also on the horizon for the busiest man in skateboarding is the season premiere of his MTV show Fantasy Factory.

Picture 2

Now, regardless of the degree which you believe Rob needed Big, you can’t argue that Fantasy Factory is pretty entertaining, and the chance you’re going to tune in is actually pretty good. Not only is Rob quite entertaining, he’s also got a bunch of history about himself that he’s going to reveal to you in an MTV special this evening titled, Who is Rob Dyrdek.

The lead-up to next week’s premiere is sure to have a lot to do with skateboarding, because Rob was such a huge part of the massive growth that brought skateboarding where it is today. Dyrdek is also a great model of how to take something you love and be successful with it. The guy probably wants for nothing, and owes is all to the day he picked up a skateboard. Peep it at 11PM EST on MTV, and next week Fantasy Factory hits the tube at 9:30PM EST.

Picture 1

There's a reason why Travis Rice is the man among men in snowboarding

Travis Rice just won King of the Hill in Valdez, AK. You can read the full story at either ESPN or TransWorld if you would like, but all you really need to see are his runs that set him on top. How much fun would it be to be that sick?

The King of the Hill 2010 from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.