Kaitlyn Farrington Takes Home the Dew Cup



Kaitlyn Farrington has been owning the Dew Tour this season and when she took first in the halfpipe at the last stop in West Dover, Vermont she also earned herself the Dew Cup. At the very first Dew stop in Breckenridge Kaitlyn landed in 6th place and at the Snowbasin stop she climbed the ranks to 2nd. Now she has topped the list and proved to be the best over all. Congratulations Kaitlyn!

Brennen Swanson gets Second in Dew Tour Halfpipe


The Dew Tour for 09/10 is said and done, but the last stop in West Dover, Vermont was quite the spectacle. The House team rider, Brennen Swanson, threw all his cards in as he put down a run that would land him a second place on the podium. Not only was Brennen the only one that threw double corks at West Dover he threw two in his run that were clean as they could be. Awesome job Brennen, Congratulations!

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Brennen Swanson is in the news

Our boy Brennen sent us a little news just to let us know what he is up to, and he is livin the dream. He was over in South Dakota where he did a little spot on the Morning Show about him going to put on a show at FunSki, which raises money for abused women and children. After that he was a guest on a few different radio stations for their morning shows. He held a press conference at Great Bear Resort and he has been signing autographs, making several other appearances, taking pictures and doing interviews all over the place. Brennen says its been an amazing experience and he is really stoked about this exposure for himself and his sponsors. It’s always good to hear from you Brennen, good luck at the last Dew Tour stop!

The House Crew Stomped the Dew Tour


Kaitlyn Farrington and Brennen Swanson killed it at the Snow Basin Dew Tour stop in Halfpipe. Kaitlyn rode her way onto the podium taking 2nd and Brennen topped the list taking home 5th. It gets even more impressive when you look at the list of heavy hitters they had to beat out to get to the top. Congrats Brennen and Kaitlyn, that’s so sick! Read More