The House Team & Friends at Buck Hill


It feels great to get out an ride with friends, especially at a resort like Buck Hill!  One thing we noticed right away about riding Buck’s park was the quarterpipes on the sides of all the jumps, and then we noticed how the have their own gravity – everyone is drawn toward them.

Featuring Riders:
Todd Kirby
Ryan Paul
Jordan Daniels
Matty Kirchgasler
Cole Linzmeyer

If you’re drawn towards riding like the crew you’ll want to check out all the Burton Snowboards we have in stock HERE.

Shred Til You’re Dead – Rescheduled for November 3rd


Attention! Attention!  The Shred Til You’re Dead Rail Jam has been rescheduled to take place on Saturday, November 3rd…

Crawling out of the grave is the 8th Annual Shred Til You’re Dead Contest at Buckhill.  Last year’s S.T.Y.D. comp was great, and this year it’ll be even better.

Shred Til' You're Dead 7 Rail Jam


DC Ride Along Tour

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Dude, it would be so sick to ride with that guy.” Well, now you can quit talking the talk and start shredding the shred. The DC team is coming to Minnesota! Their main goal of this trip is to simply get out and ride with some fans and customers. There really isn’t going to be anything formal about this visit. All you gotta do is show up and ride, and maybe get a little bit of swag in the process.

Here’s a little run down of what the tentative schedule looks like:

  • Friday, Dec. 11- Possible skate session at 3rd Lair in Golden Vally
  • Saturday, Dec. 12- Shredding around Buck Hill 10 a.m. to some time early afternoon
  • Later Saturday Afternoon- Best Day of Snowboarding at Theodore Wirth Park (Cal Surf’s Annual Event)
  • Sunday, Dec. 13- Shredding around Hyland Hills 10 a.m. to whenever they get done.
  • Later that afternoon- depending on what time they get around to it, the team might visit some stores