HDHR Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2012 Bear Mountain

The 2012 Hot Dawgs and Handrails (HDHR) was a step beyond that of past events 9 years.  The features were massive and the riding was insane.  Sure tons of people got broke off but in the end good times and vibes were flowing throughout Bear Mountain. Read More

Bear Mountain’s “Feature Factory” – Full Movie

Featuring 80+ jibs, over 120 jumps, 3 pipes including a superpipe, cheap lift tickets, and the universe’s best chili bread bowl.  Bear Mountain is hands down the best park in the world. So-Cal’s finest has catered to snowboarders since day one. No where else can you find a whole mountain snowboard park that is blessed with 90% sunshine. Here at The House we look forward to their “Sunday In The Park” vids they drop every week during the season. This feature length film is all of them from the 11/12 season mashed-up and re-edited. Watch for a strong Minnesota presence, as we dominate the game.

Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails

Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails is going down this Saturday, September 22nd  at 2pm. Vendors will be setting up their booths between 10:30-11:30. So if you want to get some free swag, get there early!

Bear Mountain's "The People's Park" full length movie.

Bear Mountain holds a special place in our hearts. Bear and it’s sister resort, Snow Summit, have catered to riders since the beginning. The thing we love most about bear is that when you land a sick maneuver there are 3-5 options in front of you to choose from every time, as the whole mountain is a park! Combine that with the best snow-making in the industry, perfect So-Cal weather, pro-riders going off everywhere and the best chili bread bowls found anywhere! With a dope media campaign, their vids are the best in the industry. This year they combined all their footage into one full-length movie and after viewing this, like us, you too will want to book a flight to Bear Mountain. Enjoy the video and we will see you there!

Spotted: Team Rider Pat Lynch in the Latest "Sunday in the Park" Episode

House Boardshop team rider Pat Lynch makes snowboarding look easy. Make no mistake though, the bangers he’s throwing down are some tough tricks. Check out his latest cameo in Episode 11 of the 2011 Bear Mountain “Sunday in the Park” series.

Click here to view on Transworld Snowboarding or watch it below.

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