Lake Superior Surfing

Lake Superior Surf

Pic of  Ryan and Sean  Surfing North Of Grand Marais, MN


Back in 2009 Jamie and Red Bull team decided to start making trips to the Midwest for an upcoming film about surfing the Great Lakes. Which has proven to be a difficult task, three week ago they flew out here and got skunked. The hard part is knowing where and when to be here. The waves on lake superior typically only last a day or two, allowing for a small window of opportunity to get some good surf. When the wind switches offshore you better be In the water, because in a mater of minuets the swell will be gone.

As the low presser system slowly descended on the Midwest a group of surfers (referred to as “kuckleheads” by the locals)  gathered their gear and hit the road. Many people think surfing on the great-lakes is a very dangerous sport, but any Great Lake surfer knows the most dangerous part is the drive to the Lake. Those who left Tuesday night hit rain, ice and white out driving conditions. Some crazy kooks faced a 10 hour drives through a snowstorm just to get to Lake Superior for this swell.

Here is a little video we put together to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy it!

This is normally a beautiful sandy beach

To the left is a pictures of Duluth’s Park Point the day after the storm. The beach had a 15 to 20 wall of ice created  by the storm. To see some more Pics of Lake Superior Surfing visit our Facebook page.

4 Responses to “Lake Superior Surfing”

  1. shawn on said:

    Sick post man! Looks hella fun…and hella cold!

  2. Thanks Shawn, Here is a little clip from the same swell just north of where i went, It was produceed by the Redbull team and Jamie Sterling.

  3. Some nice icy waves esp the Jamie Sterling rides. What about this week past ?? I heard some TV station showed 24 foot waves during one of their broadcast…??? True??? Anybody riding them??

  4. Dana on said:

    There were some good wave about a week ago (not 24 feet). We also had a little swell on Tue and Wed. Sadly most of the local MN breaks where covered in ice. I have chased some 20+ Foot waves in the past but we never try to catch those. We typicality try to find a shelter bay out of the wind where the wave are much cleaner. The photos at the top of the page are from a day when the buoy hit 21 feet.
    If find a link to that TV broadcast of the 24 foot waves please share.

    Here is a segment the CBS aired last week on surfing the great lakes

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