Troll is blowing up!

As the Midwest slowly cools down the local’s are picking it up. Trollhaugen and Wild Mountain are now open and blowing snow!

Minnesota snowboard season has officially begun. Riders: Aidan Flanagan, Scott Kulzer, Shane Ruprecht, TJ Antisdel, Vinny, Jeffy Gabrick, Viktor Simco, Jon and Erik Overson, Cody Beiersdorf, Brian Wilson, Joe Sexton, Ethan Deiss

A Few days at Troll & Wild. In Order of Appearance: Jonas Michilot, Sam Bakken, Jeffy Gaybrick, Jake Moore, Colin Wilson, Ethan Deiss, Cole Linzmeyer, and Jordan Daniels.
Filmed by: Jon Stark and Brett SpurrĀ Edited By: Jon Stark


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