Torstein Horgmo Slo-Mo at Camp of Champions

Hero Boarding With Torstein Horgmo from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

Few things are more awesome than slow-motion. Maybe finding a freshly-painted rail that’s not a bust, or first chair on the biggest dump of the year come close, but slow mo and snowboarding are meant for each other like hippies and Oregon. The latest manifestation of this fascination comes at us from none other than DC Snowboard‘s Torstein Horgmo and Camp of Champions.

Filmed with a RED camera, one of the best on the market, this short little clip shows Torstein spinning his way through space at 300 frames per second. The beauty of this slow mo snowboarding of matched only by the primal practicality exuded by Torstein and his selection of a trademark outfit.

There’s a reason that he wears a sweatshirt inside a sweatshirt, and its not some crazy clause in his DC contract. The reason is because jackets make that super annoying swish, swish, swish sound when you move your arms. OK, not really, but that really bugs me. Two hoods weighs them down enough to keep them from popping up over your head while you spin, forcing the dreaded blind landing. As as added benefit, that toasty cotton is kind of like a little bit of padding, and losing the sleeves on one of them keeps your arms free to get your triple-cork on.

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