ThirtyTwo Premieres Ammo Snowboarding Video

The world premiere of ThirtyTwo‘s am team video, Ammo, hit the parking lot at Sole Technology headquarters last night, and brought the industry heads out of their offices and the riders on summer vacation away from the beaches (or probably more like away from the bars).

The night started off with a carnival-like cast of people showing up for the free tacos and beer as advertised, and even though ABC had gotten the scoop on the free-flowin’ drinks the boys at ThirtyTwo still managed to serve ’em up. Keeping the kids busy Sole Technologies Training Facilitybefore the show were giveaways at the spin wheel– but the catch was that you had to hit the sucker with a dart, instead of lazily waiting to see where the flapper landed. They even opened the doors to their usually iron-clad skateboard training facility, allowing the well-prepared a once-in-a-lifetime chance to skate the warehouse.

Ammo features full parts from Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster, Spencer Schubert and Dylan Alito, and even though its the am team there’s more bangers in there than a British breakfast. The video doesn’t need help from the pro team, but there’s a montage thrown in there with Chris Bradshaw, Chris Grenier, and Scott Stevens that hammers it home. Maybe its a hint that next year they’ll do another film with the pro team, they could even keep the theme and call it Promo.

The night wrapped up with a showing of Shoot The Moon, which is stupid good and definitely worth adding to your preseason playlist. You can download Ammo for a couple bucks from the ThirtyTwo site on October 1st, check the shelves of your local shop, or tune into their blog to check out a part each week.


Photo: Eric Meyers

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