The Peddie Files

If you had to choose two people from the snowboard industry to be your guide through life, who would they be? Maybe a reknowned coach to help you learn new tricks, or maybe Travis Rice so you could just take one of his Red Bull helicopters anywhere you want? For us, it would be Peter Line and Eddie Wall because in addition to having two of the most well-rounded resumes in the biz, but they also pop bottles with models— the truest measure of success.

Lucky for us, and you, if you agree Snowboarder Magazine is bringing the hilariously-named Peddie Files. There’s nothing really NSFW about it, but it could trigger some red flags if your teacher or boss sees that you’ve been watching Peddie File videos every Tuesday (when the weekly vids will come out on )

Up this week is the teaser for the series and it already looks amazing. You get antics and abilities from these two as they drop bangers and drink beers while filmer Greg Weaver lets the world in on the action. Will their personalities combine to create the greatest stories ever told? Or will they just try to outshine each other and end up with one of those Kobe and Shaq type deals? Tune in weekly to find out, we’re expecting it to be the video version Peter’s work from the back of so many Snowboarder issues.

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  2. someone please just F)(&*&^$tell me the name of that spanish song for F^%#$ sakes someone put up a soundstrack list

  3. someone put up a soundtrack list especialy the name of the spanish song!

  4. The spanish song is No Viniste by Carla Morrison.

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