The Art of Flight Premiere | Snowboarding Will Never Be The Same

The video editing software at Brain Farm is in high gear this week, while the entire world of snowboarding waits with anticipation rivaling Michael Jackson outside a Justin Bieber concert. Their newest teaser is spine-tingling, and the big premiere of what will undoubtedly be video of the year is less than a month away.

The final teaser rocks out on the heavy-metal side and hints at some hair-raising avalanches, crashes, and of course, banger, after banger, after banger. Also on the newswire from Red Bull Media House is the premiere schedule. You can buy tickets to the big-time world premiere in New York City, or exercise some patience and catch it on the tour when it comes to your town.

The world premiere is September 7 at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan, and from there the tour goes to the west coast to hit all the big cities as well as the mountain towns. One date we’re circling on our calendar is September 24, when The Art of Flight debuts in Travis Rice’s hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tickets at the Beacon are moderately priced at $28, but grab them soon because this is going to be the event of the preseason and you’re likely to run into all sorts of big names while you’re there. Tickets are available for most of the following stops now too, with complete availability just around the corner.

The Art of Flight features the riding of Travis Rice, Nico Muller, Mark Landvik, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, DCP, Scotty Lago, Eero Niemela and John Jackson, and is brought to you by Red Bull and Quiksilver.

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