Snowboarding Los Angeles

Los Angeles Feature #1: The Concert Hall Handrail from Mountain High Resort on Vimeo.

The “if only” list. Every snowboarder has one, it just comes naturally to look at that giant handrail in front of your local courthouse or that scoreboard at your high school and think “if only we got snow here.” The if only list just grows and grows if you spend a lot of time somewhere that isn’t blessed with slippery white precipitation, and one place with an abundance of never-rideable features is Los Angeles.

This winter, however, the crew at Mountain High is out to change that. Instead of staring at rail and wishing, they went into L.A. and grabbed the specs on some local landmarks to take back to the hills with them. They’ll be introducing new features inspired by smog city U.S.A. throughout the season, and the first is going to be the concert hall handrail from downtown’s Walt Disney Concert Hall. This 30-stair down-flat-down will now be one of the first things you see getting off the chair at Mountain High this winter instead of on your way to some lame orchestra show on a music class field trip.

Mountain High has three more features planned in the series too. The Hollywood Wallride takes a cue from the famous hillside sign and doubles the size of their old wall, a series of down rails will be borrowed from the L.A. Convention Center, and their new pipe-cutter will shape up a quarterpipe inspired by The Wedge down in Newport.

With a lineup like this, it looks like Mountain High is making some serious moves this winter, and the snow can’t hit the southland soon enough. For more information, check out

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  2. If i win I will make a video of myself doing a bunyhop. Over a big ramp and grinding on a rail to impress others. Because i want to learn how to do tricks on one of your bikes. Because my bike is heavy , is pink and has a banana seat. That was passed down from my Mother to my 8 older sisters.

  3. you bike are the best in the hole wrold i was reading about the sapiet.can i git a frast bmx bike ples because the kid is mend to me so if i get bike thay wondents make fafme

  4. I’ll will try again by this is my first por bike I’m out seee you later.

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