Shaun's very own halfpipe

So I’m sure you have heard by now that Shaun White got his very own halfpipe built for him by Red Bull last season. Yeah, this pipe was sick and incredible and built purely out of natural avalanche snow, and they documented the whole thing so you could see at I suppose when you’re the best at what you do things like that just kinda happen for ya.

Supposedly they are saying that Shaun was able to throw down some pretty sick stuff out there. He spent 34 hours spread over two months in this pipe working on new tricks that no body has ever done before. They said he put together a run that included a Frontside 720, Cab Double Cork, Frontside Double Cork and a Cab 1080. They aren’t telling us a whole lot about any other tricks he was working on, but they are going to shed a little light on November 3rd. So be sure to swing by the site to see what the ‘Flying Tomato’ (stupidest nickname ever) has in store for us.

2 Responses to “Shaun's very own halfpipe”

  1. Brennen on said:

    he’s doing… front 12, cab 12, dub cork 10, cab dub cork 10, backside dub cork 10, dub alley oop back rodeo.. and some sick switch back 9’s… no need to wait for november 3rd! haha

  2. hahaha… Brennen you’re amazing!… and, holy hell shaun

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