Here is a great movie out of  Russia, LA RESISTANCE! From WeAre2012 studio.

Street heroes are : Yuri Rudchik, Denis Leontiev, Konstantin Kokarev, Nikita Vasiliev, Maxim Sibiryakov, Alexei Osovickiy, Ivan Gribkov, Fillip Ananin, Egor Lihomanov, Alexandr Osokin, Igor Kulakov, Konstantin Berejnevskiy, Mihail Il’in, Igor’ Kalnickiy.

Tons of thanks to : Grenade, Salomon Snowboards, Lil Kings, Virus , M-Video, Bonfire, Method Mag and  Terror

Movie by Alexander Voitsehovsky, Yuri Rudchik, Nikita Vasiliev

Resist the system , enjoy snowboarding ! Rock On!


3 Responses to “LA RESISTANCE- Full Movie”

  1. ZEACHING. these euro movies suck

  2. awesome video!

  3. Syarini on said:

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