In The Works Episode 2

In The Works Episode 2

It looks like the boys are all grown up now.  All the kids that used to thrash the USSA Revolution Tour a few years ago are now moving onto different things; one being making fun snowboard flicks.

When I first met Brennen Swanson he wouldn’t spin Frontside, now he rides hard for Ride Snowboards.  When I coached the USASA All American Team Ross Baker was that crazy kid who’d throw M-80’s off of bridges in Venice, now he gets TWS double page spreads.  Everyone of these kids 7 years ago was killing it was groms, now they’re damn near grown men on a mission to destroy everything in sight.

Featuring:  Graham Banks, Billy Wandling, Scotty Pike, Brennen Swanson, Cam FitzPatrick, Broc Waring, Dylan Bidez, Ross Baker, Alex Rodway, John Rodosky, Hans Mindnich, Nils Mindnich, Sam Hulbert, and Nick Fuca

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