Hangin out with the Salomon team

good signing

Louif, Chris, Scotty and Harrison signing a board for us. And Bode is gimping around in the background on his crutches

Scotty Arnold, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Jed Anderson, Harrison Gordon and Louif Paradis were hangin out in town yesterday. They came by to pay us a visit here at The House. While they were here they stumbled upon our three wheeled scooters and shopping cart- skateboards in our warehouse and things got a little crazy.

After their mad adventures here they headed over to Joe’s Sporting Goods for a rail jam. A little game of S.N.O. went down at the rail jam where people were getting pretty gnarly on a flat box and a whole ton of swag was tossed out. It was awesome to get to meet the guys and hang with them for a bit. Till next time…

board signing

Jed is drawing some pictures for some young fans, Harrison is busy signing the board one of you guys is gonna win and the rest of the guys are scopin the skate decks


The people working in the warehouse weren't too thrilled when the guys found the scooters and were cruisin by going at least mach 3


They were pretty impressed by how much taxidermied stuff we have around here


Once everybody working in the warehouse went home it was game on

best jump

and it got pretty gnarly

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