Dancin Shoes

Last night was the first night of a three day bender of Dancing With The Stars. The men started off season 9 of the show with one of our very own in the mix. Loui Vito REPRESENT! And he didn’t do that bad either. Out of the 8 guys that danced last night he is in 4th place scoring a 27.Personally I think it’s great that he is on the show. It gives people like my mom a chance to see a face of the snowboard world, or I guess at least one that isn’t “sticking it to the man.” Rock on Loui, rock on…

Now we gotta get out there and vote for him. Some of the people on the show are kind of a joke, but some of them are pretty stiff competition. I mean come on guys we can’t let him lose to a Backstreet Boy brother just because he didn’t get enough votes.

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  1. i watched that.. so funny.. i hope he does well! GO LOUIE!!!!!!!

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