Cash for Kids by Academy Snowboards

Academy Snowboards – Cash for Kids Contest

For the 2nd year in a row Academy Snowboards held and the outstanding Cash for Kids Contest at Hyland Hills.  The great vibes were out and everyone slaughtered the park that Jordan Michilot designed specifically for the contest Academy Snowboards

The contest format was quite simple.  Each of the 3 divisions (Pro, Am, & Girls) were judged in a timed jam session.  Top riders in the Pro and Am divisions jams were selected to for finals.  In the finals judges handed out cash for riders who stomped their tricks.  Overall impression was a key factor in judges selecting the winners.

85 competitors fought for their slice of the $600 that Academy Snowboards handed out in crisp Lincoln, Hamilton, and Jackson notes.  Check it out next season, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.


Pro Division

  1. Colin Wilson
  2. Ricky Koukal
  3. (Badass Tough Guy Tattoo Award) Justin Fronius

Amateur Division

  1. Benny Milam
  2. Garrett McKenzie
  3. Erik Lewy

Girls Division

  1. Sam Kollasch
  2. Robin Littlewolf
  3. Emily Richardson

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