Art Park at Mammoth

Snowboarding is always progressing, and now there’s this. The Art Park at Mammoth has been getting all sorts of attention lately, and could be the next thing as far as collaborations between our world and the art world. What the art park offers, is a place for art to be shown to everyone with a lift ticket, like an art gallery in the woods. Currently, the featured art is that of and inspired by hometown hero Jeff Anderson. The pieces are not just hung on trees or set up on easels, but instead they take up the real estate usually reserved for corporate sponsors…the skirts of rails and boxes. JLA’s art adorns the sides of rails as well as the top of some features.

The features that get the art are big league at it’s best. Which is a nice change of pace since the insurance companies have undoubtedly been the cause behind the shrinking feature trend at most resorts lately. Alex Dawoud and Tyler Flanagan are not midgets…those are just some huge rails. That kinker is film-worthy as far as we’re concerned, and plenty pretty to look at too. The set up is supposed to change a few times over the season too.

No word yet as to who the other artists will be, so if you’ve got a favorite artist or you think your own stuff is the bee’s knees then send Mammoth Mountain a shout and see if you can get in. Personally, I think some Jamie Lynn art would be pretty cool, maybe we can get some of that going for the Volcom PBRJ finals that hit Mammoth in the spring!

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