2011 Gear Demo at Welch Village


This last Wednesday and Thursday Welch Village in Welch, MN played host to a decent sized demo of 2011 gear from a big chunk of brands in the ski and snowboard industry. I was able to head out there Wednesday to try out a bunch of new bindings and boards, and it was the best day of work I have ever had.

Since I’m not a skier I didn’t venture over to the ski side of things, but on the snowboarder side it was business as usual. Reps were getting people set up to test out their brand’s new set ups, while simultaneously grilling and sipping on a couple cold ones. Oh yeah, and it was a perfect blue bird day. The snow was in great condition to be testing what will be coming our way for the next season and I even ran into a couple buddies of mine from my college days. (Shout out to Libby and Cody)

I’ll be writing up a little review for everything I rode and include the specs to give you a heads up if you’re going to be looking to buy a new board or bindings next year. We’ll start posting them soon so keep a fresh eye!

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