A skier is going to be on Firsthand? Yeah Tom Wallisch!


So I’m a snowboarder right, but I still say that freestyle skiing needs a lot more credit.  Cause honestly we’re all one in the same. Those guys rip and don’t get half of the love that their sideways standing bothers and sisters do. We are seeing a change in tide, however, as Fuel TV has FINALLY decided to recognize the talent and is bringing skiing to their airwaves. For the first time ever a male skier will have a spot on Fuel’s ever popular Firsthand, and that guy’s name is  Tom Wallisch. You can catch the epispode on Fuel this Sunday, August 22nd at 5pm PST/8pm EST & 8pm PST/11pm EST.


Jeff Schmuck sat down to talk with the producer of Firsthand, Jeff Harper. They had  a good talk about how they finally got skiing on Fuel, how it’s all different and if they think we will continue to see more of this kinda thing happening. I personally really hope so. I think skiers and snowboarders have a lot to learn from each other and this kind of immersion into each others worlds is going to help us do just that. Check out the interview on New Schoolers, Tom Wallish’s Firsthand.


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