Spring Break Snowboarding

Killingtons Stash

Killington's Stash

The snowboarding community is overflowing with oddities, a fact we’re all well aware of, yet our friends outside of the snow globe are given just one chance a year to see it. The social scene at your school, work, or where ever you kick it when you’re not shredding is abuzz right now with people planning excursions to sunny beaches with minimal clothing. Meanwhile, the snowboarder is diving headfirst into a week of snow and hoodies and a trip to a fancy ski resort. So what is it that keeps us away from the co-eds and seashores on spring break?

The spring break ski trip is almost a rite of passage for us. Your friends won’t understand, or even believe you when you tell them how fun it was, because they just don’t get it. Who says that a cruise or scuba-diving beats a front board through some kinkers? What about taking advantage of that sure-to-be slushy stunt ditch? Soft snow is perfect for learning tricks, and just because you’re spending the day lapping the park doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting wild at night while your friends in Cabo are darting around in fear of kidnappings.  In honor of your dedication to the endless pursuit of that just-landed-a-trick-for-the-first-time feeling, we’ve compiled a few mountains that have late season deals and coupled them with local après hot spots, enjoy.


The East Coast’s largest resort also tends to have one of the longer seasons of the right coast, making it a perfect choice if the birthplace of boarding is your chosen destination. Coming up on their calendar is the Burton Stash Gathering, March 13, where the park is keeping things fresh by having a contest in the woods. Then, when you wander your way out of there, hit up The Pickle Barrel and get lost on one of the three levels of dancefloors.

Hot walls in Brecks pipe

Hot walls in Breck's pipe


It’s hard to pin down where to go in Colorado for spring break, the Rockies pretty much go off in their entirety. Breckenridge is a good place to start, mostly because of the superior park, and that IS still the main reason we’re on this trip right? If you decide on an ulterior motive, head to Cecilia’s and get weird at the martini bar.

Last years Roxy crowd

Last year's Roxy crowd


Riding into June and a perennial powerhouse among terrain parks? Is this place destined to be a great spring break or what? Their event schedule is loaded with contests and parties until the lifts shut down for summer. March 25-28 is the Roxy Chicken Jam, so you can even surround yourself with ladies and board at the same time! If sipping sundeck drinks in the sun hasn’t given you a case of the slows by nightfall then scope out the new Hyde Mammoth, basically Hollywood in the hills.

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