Red Bull Mississippi Grind

You’re probably thinking what the heck is this… Well the Red Bull Mississippi Grind is a floating barge going down the Mississippi River. The barge itself is 193 feet long with a custom skate park built right on top of it.

The barge will be floating down the Mississippi River for the next month, with multiple stop a long the river. At each stop there will be a skate comp. The top winners of each stop will receive “Ticket to Ride”. The “Ticket to Ride” will land you a spot at the end of the journey down in New Orleans, LA. The winner of the Red Bull Mississippi Grind will win $3,000 cash prize.

This past weekend The Red Bull Mississippi Grind kicked off their journey in St Paul, MN. The winners of the St Paul stop were Dan Coe and Kirian Stone. Congrats Guys! This weekend September 9th and 10th the barge will be in Davenport, IA. Other stops will be St. Louis, MO Sept 17th -18th and the final stop is in New Orleans, LA Oct 9th -11th.  To Learn more visit Red Bull Mississippi Grind on Facebook!


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