Nyjah Huston Gets Battle Commander Status at The Berrics

Nyjah Huston | Battle Commander

Nyjah Huston has had a career that most kids dream about. Youngest competitor in X Games history, two solid video parts, video game appearances, and, according to his Wikipedia entry, he was also the recipient of the inaugural Kentucky Unbridled Spirit Award for Action Sports. Whatever that is, it must be an incredibly distinguished prize and probably has something to do with horses and whiskey since it’s from Kentucky. All this before the age of seventeen, and now he’s the newest Battle Commander at The Berrics.

Fresh off his win at Street League this summer, it seems like Nyjah wasted no time getting started on his Battle Commander part, and how well deserved it is. 270 blunts, big flips, and the kind of board control that has put him where he is today.

Sit back and enjoy some real skateboarding from The Berrics, which is a nice break from the games of SKATE that seem like they’re always going on, and the 10 second Bangin’ clips.  Its been a while since they had a new Battle Commander, so congratulations to Nyjah Huston on bringing it back!


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