New Vans?! Wha!

We Just got in the new Rowley SPV shoes! Super light weight, inside-out waffle that will give so much board feel it should be illegal.

Mack (our showroom manager ) was actually fortunate enough to be able go to the Maloof Money Cup back in June which included the Release party at the House of Vans in NYC for Geoffs new shoe (photos to follow). It was super rad to see some of the pros wondering around at the event.  He also got to go on the Vans Super Bus and get a new pair of SPV’s and who was chillin out there while this was going on? Geoff Rowley himself. Anyway, get down here and try these guys on!

In addition, we also got a super sick colorway of the TnT5…the neon green that can be seen from outer space! Pules the PU-3 footbeads are out of this world, you got to try these on. Pick up a pair or come on down to the shop and try a pair on!

Vans TNT5

Vans TNT 5 Skate Shoes

Vans Rowley SPV

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  1. joenes gascot on said:

    niceeeeee,the spv look nice I like those better,I bet the would go good with that sapient mx2 bmx bike I’m trying to win 🙂

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