Volcom PB&J Stop #9 at Powder Ridge

Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam at Powder Ridge

Volcom PB&J Results Below>>>

15 and Under Division:
1st: Benny Milam
2nd: Noah Fleming
3rd: Justin Mohs
4th: Luke Zajac
5th: Casey Pflipsen

16 and Over Division:
1st: Matt Chase
2nd: Sam Schiltgen
3rd: Drew Larson
4th: Kristopher Coll
5th: Derick Lang

Girls’ Open Division:
1st: Kayli Hendricks
2nd: Missy McAlpin
3rd: Celena Fehlen
4th: Kristin Jessen
5th: Ellie Augustine

Men’s Open Division:
1st: Shane Ruprecht
2nd: Drew Poganski
3rd: Brent Mohs
4th: Cullen Bernklau
5th: Justin Henigin

Electric’s Gooeyest Move of the Event:
Andy Glader

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